We are officially 13 days into 2019 (January 14th). As I am sure many of you are hard at work on your new lifestyle change for 2019. I am also sure there are many people struggling or maybe not changing anything at all. I am here to tell you that IT IS NOT TOO LATE! It’s never too late to begin anything. If you have begun, then you are already ahead of most people. See there are three possibilities here:

#1 — you are following your 2019 goals and absolutely crushing it!

  • Fantastic job! Nothing to change here, just make sure not to get “bored” with the same routine, don’t be scared to switch it up!

#2 — you are sorta following your goals, but struggling with certain things.

  • This is completely OKAY! Actually I would consider myself in this boat, as my sleep schedule has been all over the place in 2019 and this was something that I was supposed to clean up. I have issues sleeping when I know there is work to be done. If you fall into this category as well, do some self auditing of your 13 days! What has worked? What has not? What have you enjoyed? What have you disliked? Write these things down and then reevaluate your schedule to your findings.

#3 — you have decided no change needs to be made, or you are not pursuing what you originally had planned for 2019.

  • NO WORRIES! DO NOT STRESS! It has only been 13 days, nothing to get upset about… how long have you been alive and you’re gonna fret about less than two weeks???… NO! The best thing about life?.. each day is a NEW opportunity! Take responsibility to realize that you have not had the best start to 2019 and you are going to make the necessary changes that are required of you to get to where you want to get. Remember starting is always better than not starting at all. If you feel that no change needs to be made in your life, then I ask you to reevaluate your thought process. No matter who you are or how “successful” you are, there are always changes that need to be made… whether in your personal life or business life. Do not assume just because you are successful that no change is needed, because I can promise you that it is.

So as I said earlier about myself, the biggest thing that I have not followed through on are my sleeping habits. I went into the year planning from 10pm-4am to sleep… roughly six hours per night. That lasted for two days, I then found myself struggling again with sleep. Not being tired at 10pm, then laying there for hours realizing I could be getting work done, only then to be up until 4am. At 4am I start my day and go to the gym.. then I head to Panera until around 10am to get work done. Once I get back home I will nap for a few hours… and I HATE that right in the middle of the day, I feel like it kills my productivity, although I do enjoy getting work done while everyone is asleep. This has affected me in a way I feel less productive about for 2019, and I am making the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle to fix this problem. Do NOT be afraid to make changes to your lifestyle whenever you feel the need to… maybe just a change, or maybe the previous thing was not working. Either way the change will either be effective or not. If it is, fantastic, run with it. If not, not a big deal, you only lost a few days. In the macro, a few days is nothing at all.

I will include my current daily lifestyle productivity routines here:

  1. I use the 10X journal by Grant Cardone for my daily activities and goal objectives. You can pick up yours HERE.

Amazon Description..

  • SCHEDULE YOUR DAY — Write in the date and get rolling. Organize your day to set yourself up for success. Pack in every activity and challenge yourself to see how fast you can complete tasks!
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS — Remind yourself what the bigger picture is. What are you shooting for? Writing down your goals keeps them in sight and at the top of your mind.
  • THE QUOTE OF THE DAY — Study those who are successful and use their words to inspire yourself. A daily quote can also be your own mantra that helps you push through to achieve your goals.
  • SET YOUR TARGETS — Aim high and raise the bar. You’re capable of much more than you think. Once you set your targets, commit to getting as close to them as possible without ever lowering your target.
  • NOTE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS — As you complete tasks and solve problems take note. Writing down the positive “wins” of the day motivates you to do more.

2. I use the Passion Planner as well for daily planning and goal objectives. You can pick up yours HERE.

Website Description…

  • Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It’s more than just a planner — it’s a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present. Think of it as a paper life coach — ready 24/7 to challenge you to focus on what is most important, accept your thoughts and ideas without judgment, and prompt you to reflect on your everyday life. We hope that it becomes a place where you can declutter your mind, allowing you to focus on the present moment.

3. I have a daily journal in which I write out my entire day at the end of the night. The good, the bad, what I did, what I ate, everything that occurred throughout the day. Nothing fancy, just a notebook and pen. I find it helps me keep daily audit on myself.

4. I find an absolute must for all your goals… a vision board. Nothing more than a cork-board and some printed picture with your goals for 2019. Put it in a spot in which you will see everyday. Also a huge tip when goal setting is to review your goals each morning after you wake up, and every night before going to bed. Along with reviewing them, writing them down in your planner/journal is a huge help as well, as it helps your subconscious mind memorize your goals. For an example of a vision board, check out this link HERE.

  • This correlates with number one and two. At the end of everyday find time to plan out your next day. Review it, and when you wake up the next morning, you already know what your plan and goals are for the day. Each Sunday sit down at night and plan out what you know you have upcoming for the week.

I hope this post finds you in good spirits and excited to CRUSH IT in 2019! Remember the things listed above are what works for ME! However we are all different people in our own way. The above are adapted to make the most out of what works best for me! Find what works best for you and apply it! It might take a few productivity flops before you find what works best, but that is OKAY! Do not be so hard on yourself. Life is full of failures and lessons! If you would like to here the podcast associated with this blog post, you can check that out HERE! There will also be a YouTube video associated to this as well and that can be found HERE! As always, PEACE OUT! and remember, YOU CREATE YOUR OWN STORY!!!

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